Current testing list

I decided to list and separate my products based off of their purpose for better organizing and to keep track of what I have, what I am abundant in, and what I am lacking. Some products may overlap in some areas. Deep conditioners: Alikay honey and sage deep conditioner ~✔ Shea moisture yucca and plantain… Continue reading Current testing list

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Natural Hair Roundup

So, I feel its only fair to start with a little backstory in an attempt to excuse my terrible behavior. In California, the options for natural haired girls are what I consider slim, in comparison to other places. In Walmart, you've got your typical Shea Moisture, some Cantu, a bit of creme of nature, the… Continue reading Natural Hair Roundup

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Product Review:Mane Choice Deep Strengthening and Restorative Mask Treatment 

I heard alot of good things about The Mane Choice hair products. To be honest, this line and the Mielle Organics line is basically touted as the supreme products, so naturally I have high expectations of it. I am a deep conditioning fiend. I love to do it, I do it right every week because… Continue reading Product Review:Mane Choice Deep Strengthening and Restorative Mask Treatment