Protective style:African Threading

I Have scoured YouTube and pinterest for ideas to keep my hair fuss to a minimum this summer, while keeping it’s length and retention to and maximum. Enter, African threading. 

African threading is a technique used in various areas of the areas of the continent. I’ve seen people using different techniques as well as various types if thread (yard, cotton thread, weaving thread). I have fine hair, along with very fragile hair near my crown that needs some extra protection, but can’t handle the stress I presume my hair may go through from having such thin thread cutting into the strand. Overall, I presume using weaving or cotton thread may do my hair more damage than good. Yarn, while it may be less stressing on my hair since each strand is much larger than regular thread, tends to be very drying on the hair strands. So what’s my solution? Leather thread.

Leather thread is much wider than other threads, solving the problem of thread cutting into my hair strands. It also retains moisture rather than stripping it all away. So to me it seemed like The perfect solution. Also, with leather thread, while it will still be time consuming, it will still take less than. Regular thread because it’s thicker so I covers more surface area.

If I can turn this into a long term low manipulation stayed for the summer, I will be set! It may also (if done right) serve as an alternative to cornrows under my wigs. I’m  going to try doing african threading for 3 days and see how my hair does. If my hair is stretched and still moisturized, I’ll try it for a week, then 2, then three weeks. I’m hoping to be able to do this style for at least 3 weeks at a time, decreasing the amount of times I wash my hair a month, while still maintaining my hairs healthy state, and decreasing manipulation. Plus it would be easier to measure growth!

Not to mention the cornrows threading style looks super edgy and unique. 

I’ve currently had the threading in for 2 days so I’ll be back soon with a review!


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