Skincare switch up +update

So one thing that I try to do to avoid irritating my skin is to stick with a regimine for at least 3 months. That way I can tell if a product is effective on my skin or not. And I intend to do that, with some slight changes.

My skincare junkie-ism reared it’s ugly head after one or two pins about Korean skincare  flashed on my pinterest, and overtook my life. So of course that mean I needed to scour the Internet and get my hands on one or two Korean gems. Or three.

My current skincare products are the same I’m just adding the the line up, and switching my progression order. Originally I was going to use up the black oil controlling Sukin line. Then the green one before switching to the Andalou line, however I think I will try the Andalou line in between the two Sukin lines. So let’s take a glimpse into what new items are sliding into the line up.

The COSRX Snail Mucin Power Essence

This baby is supposed to really help with hyperpigmentation i.e. dark marks left behind from acne, as well as with acne itself. The secret is the Snail mucin which is supposed to be a powerful skin repairer, and the licorice root extract is also known for lightening scars. I didn’t have an essence so I felt totally fine adding it to my regimine since it wouldn’t require removing anything else. Pluse my regimine revolves around 3 things: oil control, acne prevention, and scar fading. This bad boy is supposed to help with all three!!! This will be added to my skincare after the toner, but before my serum

COSRX Advanced Snail 92 All in One Cream

Yup. Being brand loyalty this time. What drew me? The Snail Mucin of course. This is supposed to be a gel like cream that’s good for daytime or night time use (I’ll be the judge of that) I plan on using this when I run out of my current moisturizer, however I have another Andalou cream that I’ve been dying to use…perhaps this one will just be a night Cream for me.

COSRX Triple Crown lightning liquid 

 This little bad boy is a vitamin C chemical exfoliant. It boasts a solid 20.5% vitamin C (the highest your allowed to put in along product). It is made fresh and sold in very small batches, and sells out it along out an hour. I’ve been looking for a good chemical exfoliant to switch things up with my physical exfoliants. This is supposed to be the key thay unlocks clear skin. It also is mixed with licorice root extract to double the dark marks fading strength. Gotta love nature. Another thing to note is that it can make my skin photosensitive (sensitive to light) so I intend to limit my use of it to night time use, and have picked up a few SPF’S for extra daytime protection 

Because it’s my first chemical exfoliant, I read many suggestion on how to ease your skin into it so as to not get crazy wild breakout from your skin purging and adjusting to the new deep cleanser. The plan is:

Mixing it with my moisturizer 3x a week for two weeks.

After that, using it alone, after cleaning  and toning my skin leaving it on for a few minutes then rinsing it off. Doing that 2x a week

After that, using it three times a week without rinsing it off, and I’ll be completely adjusted.

I’ve also added a new  facial oil blend that I made. I’ve found my current facial oil to be just a bit too heavy for daytime use, mainly because it takes a minimum 20 minutes to fully absorb.tamanu oil is heavier so that’s why. I basically made the same oil blend, however I switched out the tamanu oil for hemp oil. Hemp oil is a much drier oil. It’s absorption rate is much faster, it’s noncomedegenic, and is amazing for acne, scars, and giving a healthy glow. To me, it’s very much comparable to tamanu oil. 

So that’s it! That’s all that’s new in my skincare world apart from my successful hint for a sunscreen that isn’t greasy, doesnt make my make up ashy, and is…well, melanin friendly (Because that white cast is something terrible.

Then there is the hunt for the perfect summer foundation…but we can save that for another time.


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