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So I’ll admit I have a slight obsession with skincare. Where did it begin? Where most people’s do, teenage acne. To be honest, I’ve had acne…pretty bad acne since I was 9 years old. Now I know some women can just wake up, splash their faces with water, and have clear skin for all of there lives. Well, those genetics don’t run in my family. In my family, we have adult acne, bacne (back acne), super oily skin (think faces dunked in olive oil oily, seriously ya’ll, there’s no stopping these glands) and yes, the ever so lovely scarring to top it all off.

Not knowing much about skincare in my younger years, I used whatever I could get my hands on, which was mainly drugstore acne solutions. Neutrogena, noxema, clean and clear, you name it, I tried it. Washing my face once a day for months, then twice a day at my mom’s recommendation. Maybe they would have worked had I been more consistent, or a more full skincare routine. Heck, for a while I thought I was over washing and switched to only washing my face 3 times a week. Needless to say that did not work in the slightest especially being an athlete working out 6 days a week.

It wasn’t until I turned about 20 that I put down the drugstore acne solutions, the make up skin care lines, and the expensive acne solutions and turned to natural skincare. I wish I could say I just spontaneously did this on my own, but I didn’t.

 I was strongly motivated by my newborn son, and his extremely sensitive skin. Dreft, you know the most popular baby laundry detergent, broke him out everywhere. His face broke out if it rubbed against mine during the day after I cleaned with the chemical based products, even my lotions caused reactions for him. So I swiped it all, and went all natural. I also cut off all my hair for a second time, but that’s a story for another day.

With my newborns obvious support, I embarked on a journey of almost completely natural skincare. I say almost simply because you can never be too sure lol. Over the years I have tried different lines and products, and made many of my own products that have become my all time favorites. Overtime I have been able to either rectify or manage many of the skin issues I suffered from in my youth. In the last year I have gone almost completely without acne, with exception to that “time of the month” acne, and “finals are killing me” acne. However, there were two things I just could not get rid of: the left over scars, and the excessive oil.

So what did I do? I went to the trusty pinternet to find a remedy to these problems. I had already tried scar creams with little to no success and I figured, if nature could clear my acne, it could clear my scars. And I have stumbled upon quiet a bit of information  (that I varified by searching for scholarly journals supporting the claims). For the last three months I added some new things to my skincare routine, and saw major changes. But I’m switching up the game again. I’m hoping to tackle and solve all my problems at once this time around.  So here’s the line up and the plan:

Above is a photo of all my skincare products (not including the masks since they vary).  

In the white container is my holy grail: African black soap. Ya’ll.  THIS is what changed my skins life. Many people claim that it is too drying for their skin, but when followed up with a moisturizer (as you should always do after cleansing) you will find it to work just fine. I use it every morning, and any night that I didn’t wear make up during the day.

I have one other cleanser (the purple bottle) that I use in the evening on the days I wear make up. I use it after oil cleansing with sesame oil to be sure I got everything off.

In the Tupperware is Aloe Vera mixed with 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar. In the past i used which hazel, but found my skin to show more scar improvement after this switch.

In the small amber bottle is a mixture of tamanu oil and helichrysum oil. This oil mix has improved my scarring greatly,  and when I get a new scar it forms much lighter than when I used to get a scar and heals faster .

Now here’s the switch up:

There are two product lines I use for skin care outside of the home made simple ingredients I listed above.

 The lines are the Andalou and Sukin skin care lines. Both claim to be either mostly or all natural botanical ingredients. I tend to mix my usage of them, but that is what I am about to change. I’ve decided to give each line a 3 months to work alone on my skin to see what is REALLY making the difference. This will help me to discover what to buy when one runs out, and what to let go of because it wasn’t actually benefitting my skin. The only exception is I will be using the Andalou night Cream with the Sukin products until I find a Sukin night Cream. I’m going to start with the Sukin oil balance products:

For three months (April 6th-july 6th) I will also include the serum from Sukin super greens line until I find the oil balancing serum. I usually pick this line up from marshals tjmaxx, or ross, so I’ll add to it as I find it. Seriously guys, don’t sleep on these stores. The Andalous lineages for 15-25$ per individual product, and I found three brand new unopened at Marshall’s for 6.99 each. 

Following that I will use the Sukin super greens line for three months (July 7th-oct 7th)

Followed by the Andalous line from Oct 8th- Jan 8th

I will be giving reviews once a month on the improvements, setbacks etc. All in regards to the reduction and control of oil, the reduction of scars, acne prevention and control, etc. Etc.. this will all be used in conjunction to my normal skincare routine, and I’ll include my various masks.

Down the line I will be making an oil blend specifically to treat all the above listed issues that I will use in junction with the product lines. I am currently testing a product to see if my skin agrees with it, along with a few new essential oils. If they all agree with my skin, I’ll whip up a new oil. And if that oil does all I hope it will, I will let you all know!

My current face mask collection. Not shown: rhoussal clay, Mary Kay botanical mask, tumeric
New oil I’m testimg. 100% marula oil blended with helichrysum essential oil
Potential oil controlling, scar correcting, acne fighting oil serum. Not shown: hemp seed oil, geranium, bergamot, Frankincense

So, let’s see how this goes!


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