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Adding to the line up…again

Ah yes, here we are again…more hair products. I’m not a product junkie I swear! Well…maybe a little. I guess after going a year not buying products, you can go a little overboard when you buy again. But this time it’s not entirely my fault. I blame the dreaded return. I simply went to return an item to sally’s and for the first time ever, I couldn’t find my receipt! The only other option? Exchange.  So here we are with new products from that trip (followed by a short trip to target)

Shea Moisture seems to be getting a lot of love from me lately! 3 new deep conditioners added to the pile.  So many fun new products to try. I opted for the little one time packs so that I wouldn’t have an entire product to test out.

 If they serve me well once, I plan on purchasing the regular size and giving them two more tries to determine if they are worth the coins. See? Saving money and still getting to try new things.

 The full size one is one of their newest released. I selected it because in the past I have used raw cupuacu butter on my hair and loved it. I mixed it with my home made DC’s and loved it even morw, so I have high hopes for this one.

Into the pile they go! And will probably sit and wait their turn for a while…


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