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Natural Hair Roundup

So, I feel its only fair to start with a little backstory in an attempt to excuse my terrible behavior. In California, the options for natural haired girls are what I consider slim, in comparison to other places. In Walmart, you’ve got your typical Shea Moisture, some Cantu, a bit of creme of nature, the basics. In sally’s it is more extensive, but also has its limitations. The products that I have been dying to try, were only accessible by ordering online, paying shipping cost AND tax, then waiting forever for their arrival. ain’t nobody for time for that, and wash day waits for no one. So I took a recent trip across country to the east coast, and my life was changed. at least, my natural hair life that is. Uncle Funky’s Daughter product were there right on the shelves of target. TARGET YA’LL. YOU DON’T FIND THAT IN CALIFORNIA.  Camille rose natural deep conditioners, the ones every target I go to says they don’t carry, sitting right there on the shelves. Alikay naturals, and no, not JUST, the oil and leave in conditioner, the whole line. The mane choice in Wal Mart, need I go on?

So naturally, like the good Naturalista I am, I took it upon myself to do all I could to support these businesses. after all, if they went out of their way to create such an array of products geared towards my natural hair, the least I can do is go out and blow a few wads of cash in a show of support right? Right. So, here are the newest products added to my arsenal.

As usual, they will be tested alone, layered with their respective lines (where applicable) and with other lines. I will rate them on a scale of one to ten, and return what doesn’t work well for my hair. We don’t keep products around here that don’t come through!!

P.S. Please dont ask how much all this cost, my wallet is still weeping 😦

So here they are:

Alikay Naturals:

  1. Honey and sage deep conditioner
  2. Cowash Me Cleansing conditioner
  3. Lemongrass leave in conditioner
  4. Knots be gone detangler

Uncle Funky’s Daughter (UFD)

  1. (UFD) Thirsty curls
  2. (UFD) 5 pack travel kit
  3. The Mane choice texture beautified conditioner
  4. Jane Carter solutions hydrate Quench
  5. Carol’s daughter mimosa hair Palma de
  6. Curls blueberry bliss twist n shout cream
  7. Shea moisture no rinse foam cleanser
  8. Shea moisture braid up ucuuba conditioning gel
  9. Shea moisture anti-breakage strengthening mask

Camille Rose Naturals (CRN)

Soultanicals (ST)

  1. CRN Growth and shine balm
  2. CRN fresh curl
  3. CRN Algae Renee dee conditioner
  4. CRN whipped Aloe butter gel
  5. CRN Curlaide moisture butter
  6.  ST knappylicious kink drink
  7. ST can’t believe it’s Knot Butta
  8. ST mango dip detangling slip
  9. ST Knot sauce coil detangler

So that’s it for now! I think I need to banned myself from product buying until black Friday…yea, that sounds like a good plan.
*Edit* new products added to the list


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