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Camille Rose Naturals Curl Love Moisture Milk Review

Hmmm where to begin? With praise over the moisture? The slip? The smell? The promises fulfilled? The possibilities are endless, as are the accolades for this product.

 Yes, you’ve guessed it: I have found another staple. This product, alone, with other CRN products, and products from other brands, will bless your hair and shower it with petal-like softness and love. Sound a bit extra? If so, I would say you haven’t tried this product. My hair tends to be very picky, something I’ve accepted as part of having multiple textures, and this products shows love to ALL my textures. I’m talking from that 3b nape hair to my 4c crown. Camille put her foot in this one.

The moisture and softness provided stays locked into my hair for at least three days without a sealant of any kind. It takes a bit of time to fully dry, however it is thick enough to not drip down my neck while drying, and light enough to not weigh my curls down. The smell, like most CRN products, is cake like and heavenly. And that slip *wipes tear* is all a girl needs. Goodbye comb, hello finger detangling. This one is an absolute winner.

I do not have a fully accurate use count on this one, since at a certain point I began using it on my son too, but I would guesstimate I got about four uses, and he got three. So a total of 7 uses ( or 6 since his head is smaller) which is an absolute yes in my book because it will last me more than a month. A little goes a long way, (little being quarter sized. Dime size is a myth and a cruel joke that we need to let go).

So far I am at two staple leave in’s. I think I will allow myself a maximum of five staples per category to allow myself some options. Two down three to go!


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