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The Mane Choice 3n1 Leave-in Conditioner Review

I am proud to report, I Have found A Holy grail!!! Yes! Mane choice came through and put their heart, soul, and aspirations into this product! Okay, that might be a bit excessive, but this darling product has made my coils quite happy.

As most of their products, it is geared towards aiding in growth and retention. It can be used as a leave in, co-wash, or detangler. I personally enjoy it as a leave in, because once I put it in, who wants to rinse it out? Not this woman. I want it in for at least a week. Im. Getting. My. Money’s. Worth. ya feel me?

This one runs between 13-15 dollars depending on where you get it. I usually purchase from Sally’s, so it was about 15. Now I still stand behind my previous opinion. 15 is a bit much for only 8 oz of product, However, this one has managed to stretch itself to limits far beyond its cohorts. I have gotten not 1, not 2, not 5, but…well I don’t know how many uses because it’s still not empty yet! I mean 5 uses out of 8 oz? That’s like natural hair product magic.

This product has great detangling abilities. It’s slip isn’t like your typical products where the creamier the more slip. It has great slip, fantastic slip, but feels a bit different, isn’t heavy (a major key for fine haired naturals) and absorbs quickly for a shorter drying time (for me at least). And yes, the definition and softness is all they way there. Every last bit. Whether you choose the shingling method, praying hands method, or any other, you will get curl poppage, you will get that curl bounce and movement, you will get life given to you.

Softness. Moisture. Definition. Soaks in.lasts more than a month with daily use. Detangles.This product is an absolute yes.

10/10 and I proudly give this rating (knowing I am not an easy grader of products). For 15 dollars, I expected the world, it gave me that and more.

Here’s to my first STAPLE!


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