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The Main Choice Tropical Moringa Daily Moisturizer Review

Back already with another product review for the main choice. Guess that’s what happens when you go through 8oz like it air lol. This product is infused with biotin to heal, and strengthen the strands. It is supposed to allow you to use it on a daily basis. It is made to be used in tandem with the tropical moringa refresher spray, however I do not have that product.

I used this product on damp hair, freshly washed hair, dry hair, layered on top of a leave in, and by itself. Basically, I gave it all I got.

And yet I was left, a bit unsatisfied. Now to be fair,  when layered on top of the 3n1 leave-in from The Mane Choice, it gave beautiful definition to my curls. They did not feel as…soft afterward, nevertheless  there was beautiful definition and great movement. The shine was lovely too! 

However, it was not very compatible with my other leave ins, my hair looked dull and felt rough after about two days. I need a product that can work with other products outside of its brand to some degree. It did not go in smooth, even on well detangled hair either. It didnt seem to keep my hair moisturized for more than a day, whether it was layered, put in on its own, or a part of the loc method. I wasn’t too crazy about the smell either. It wasn’t bad, but it just smelled like any old run of the mill moisturizer…minus the moisture.

Unfortunately this product didn’t agree very much with my extra needy, very specific bundle of coils.

To rate it, I would give it a 5/10. But a 5/10 for 17.99? Yea, this bad boy went right back to my dear old friend named Sally beauty supply.

I haven’t given up on the brand just yet! I intend to try several more things from their various lines before I write them off for good. Till then, the hunt for staples continues!


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