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Product Review:Mane Choice Deep Strengthening and Restorative Mask Treatment 

I heard alot of good things about The Mane Choice hair products. To be honest, this line and the Mielle Organics line is basically touted as the supreme products, so naturally I have high expectations of it. I am a deep conditioning fiend. I love to do it, I do it right every week because it helps keep my hair at its healthiest state. So this deep conditioner, I was ready to fall head over heels in love with. And at 17.99 for an 8oz bottle, I felt that it had better love me back!! Unfortunately this was not the case.

While the product smells delicious, and gives great post-wash definition, I personally felt that was the extent of its magic. Of course it could be that my hair is just super healthy and I just don’t know it, but it just didn’t give me the softness and moisturized feel I was hoping for.

It says it is good with detangling, however I would say I struggled the most with this product in the detangling realm. I like to be a bit heavy handed on my ends since they are the oldest, and this product did not glide, or even get through my ends how I had hoped it would. I found this to be very disappointing.

I’m also a bit irked by the price in compared to the quantity. I know everyone says “quality over quantity” but would it kill you to get both? I mean, less than 10 oz of product for 20$. My Eden bodyWorks deep conditioner gives me twice as much for half the price! This product gave me enough for 2 DC’S.

I know the company recommend only deep conditioning every 2-4 weeks, but some of us have hair that needs a bit more love. Some of us are in climates, that tell our hair, “You gunna have to DC a bit more often honey.” Some of us have high density hair, so we require more product per wash. Some of us have long hair, that required more product, and this cute little 8oz ain’t doin enough. So 2 washes for 20$ is highway robbery to me.

Overall, I won’t be purchasing this specific deep conditioner for them. I believe they have two other deep conditioners. I will give each a try (even though I feel they are skimping in the quantity section…10oz won’t kill ya!!) To see if my hair shows them more love than this bottle. I also will be trying a few of their other products. I have two others already and intend to get a few more. This less than positive review is ONLY for this specific product. I have other products by them that after one use I said “yup, holy grail, for the rest of my life,” this just wasn’t one of them.

I’ve got about half a wash’s amount left in the bottle, so to finish it off I’m going to mix some brahmi, Amla, coconut milk, and a regular conditioner with good slip to try to beef it up and give my hair what it wants.

Till next time!


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