Of course my first post is about my hair. I have been natural since 2013, I did the big chop that May and have never looked back… except at the scissors a few more times. Recently I’ve noticed alot of tangling near the ends of my hair, along with breakage and a fair amount of shedding.

The plan is to get a trim for my ends, and do tea rinses on my scalp to reduce the shedding. Some of these issues may be because I’m trying new products, however I feel more inclined to say it’s been my lazy hair habits. I haven’t been protective styling, and minimal low manipulation styling for the last month. I’ve tried maintaining wash n go’s to see if I could use that as a LM style, but have not yet succeeded. So, to spare my hair more stress, I am switching back to my previous low-stress regimine.
Low manipulation styles  that last the week

DC once a week, adding Amla and Brahmi to the mixes

Refresher spray 2x a week

Oiling scalp and ends 3x a week
Hopefully this will get my hair back in track.

This is post DC. The only product in my hair is the mane choice Moisturizing and sealing cream

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