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There are  a few new products I am trying out to see what works best for my hair. For the last two years I’ve stuck pretty faithfully to Eden BodyWorks, and I am officially ready to branch out. My main goal is to find two staple deep conditioners, that work very well for my mult-texured hair. I use more DC’s and leave-ins then any other products, so I’m trying to discover my “Holy grails”. This will give me an opportunity to indulge a bit in my old product junkie ways, while trying new things, and not getting out of hand with it. It will also give me a chance to discover what my hair really loves, so when black Friday rolls around I can get the most bang for my buck.
Here is the current line up: 

I’ve heard alot of great things about The Mane Choice line, and figured I would give them a go.

Camille rose naturals is one I have been dying to try, and now that they are in Sally’s I find it much more feasible to try them out.

I strayed far from shea moisture early on in my natural hair journey. I felt they were mostly just hype. I tried a few different products before from multiple lines and was left either frustrated or unimpressed. However, they have come out with a bunch on new product lines that cater more specifically to hair porosity, so I’m giving them another shot.

 I hope some of these few work out! I am also keeping count of how many uses I get out of each bottle, to further decide what products are worth my money, and which ones are not. (Because being a natural aint cheap!!)


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